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Compare TFR with a Mutual Fund

This solution will help you avoid the four hidden retirement traps:

  1. The tax trap

  2. The access trap

  3. The distribution trap

  4. The death trap

Areas of Practice
Tax Free Retirement
Term Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance
Whole Life Insurance
Fixed Indexed Annuities
Mortgage Protection Insurance
Mortgage Disability Insurance
Final Expense Insurance
Disability Insurance
Long Term Care Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Medicare Supplement Insurance
Tax Free Retirement


Under the current Internal Revenue Code, life insurance has a unique combination of tax advantages that are not available with any other financial, investment, or cash accumulation product. 


These advantages include:

  1. Tax deferred accumulation of cash values

  2. Tax free income via withdrawals and policy loans

  3. Income tax free proceeds to policy beneficiaries at death


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